Bocchan SP 01 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

December 29, 2016 0

Botchan (Kazunari Ninomiya) has sense of strong justice and does not lie. He is offered a teaching job at a middle in a small village far away from his hometown of Tokyo. Botchan accepts the position and begins to work as a math teacher. The assistant principle there wields absolute power. Botchan has a hard time dealing with his fellow teachers and the students.

Basuke mo Koi mo, Shiteitai SP 01-03 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

December 20, 2016 10

Tomomitsu Tsuchiya (Taisuke Fujigaya) is the captain of his high school basketball team. He is also a senior at his school. Even though he is not that good in basketball, he is selected as bench player for the prefecture qualifying round. The underclassmen on his team, who are all better than him, are not happy about his selection. Tomomitsu Tsuchiya then meets Sae Hatori (Mizuki Yamamoto). She is also a senior at the same high school. She keeps watching Tomomitsu Tsuchiya shoot three pointers. They become closer and develop a romantic relationship. Suddenly, Sae transfers to another school without saying a word.

Beautiful Slow Life SP 01 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

October 24, 2016 1

A story of a married couple in short dramas, portraying four unforgettable moments in their lives from their encounter to separation. She (Tokiwa Takako) is the celebrated stage actress of a theatre company and he (Kitamura Kazuki) is a mere person in charge of props, who has secretly burned with love for her for some time. On Christmas eve in 1987, he finally gathers the courage to hand her a slip of paper with his contact details written on it. Observing the bewildered expression on her face, he half gives up and boards the train to go home. However, she is visible from the train window. He sees her standing at the platform looking and smiling at the paper he had passed to her earlier. Love soon blossoms and they get married and have children. They overcome differences and as they near the end of their lives, he makes his wife a last present.

Watashi no Ao Oni SP 01 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

October 24, 2016 0

27-year-old Tsujimura Riko (Murakawa Eri) works as an editor at a small Tokyo publishing company. One day, she comes back to her hometown of Takahata-machi in Yamagata Prefecture with mixed feelings for the first time in many years. She is here to produce a sequel to the classic nursery tale ‘Naita Ao Oni’ by Hamada Hirosuke, an author who is a native of Takahata-machi, for the town’s revitalisation project. In an attempt to help with the project, the people running businesses in the shopping street including Riko’s parents (Toyama Toshiya, Ito Kazue) have publicly solicited the sequel and publication of an illustrated book. In fact, there is a secret as well as bitter memories between Riko ­and a former high school classmate Natsume Ayaka (Kinami Haruka). Ayaka had put other people at a distance, but some incident caused her to open her heart only to Riko. Although Riko is reunited with Ayaka through an unexpected turn of events, they are unable to face each other honestly as a result of feelings of indebtness for the past. Meanwhile, Riko obtains the help of Hamada Hirosuke Commemorative Museum’s curator Morioka Kota (Nakajima Ayumu), who is drawn to the charm of Hamada’s works, and the popular author Yuki Kazuya (Mashima Hidekazu) whom she was in charge of in her previous editorial role at a major publisher, and focuses on creating the illustrated book, but … …

Dokuta-X Gekai Daimon Michiko Supesharu SP 01 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

October 24, 2016 1

Kojiro Himuro (Kei Inoo) is a champion figure skater taking part in an upcoming world competition. Yet, he is suffering from a complicated CTEPH (chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension). Kantaro Kurosu (Takeshi Kitano) is the director of the Cross Medical Center. He asks Michiko Daimon (Ryoko Yonekura) to perform surgery on Kojiro Himuro, but, right before his surgery, Michiko Daimon is deprived of “the most important weapon as a surgeon.”

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai SP 01-02 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

October 24, 2016 4

Yu Akahane (Nana Komatsu) moves to a dormitory room after her father's transfer at work. She and Haruto (Kento Nakajima) aka "Black Devil" have the worst meeting. Since then, Haruto treats her like his slave. The only person who is kind to her is Takumi (Yudai Chiba) aka "White Prince”. Haruto orders Yu to go to her middle school reunion, but Yu, who doesn't want to remember her middle school days, refuses. At this time, Suzune (Kaho) appears. She is a childhood friend of both Haruto and Takumi. Due to her, the relationship between Yu, Haruto and Takumi changes.

Montage Sanokuen Jiken Kitan SP 01 Subtitle Indonesia

October 23, 2016 4

In 2009, Yamato Narumi (Sota Fukushi) is a 3rd grade high school student in Nagasaki, Japan. Yamato and his friend Miku Odagiri (Kyoko Yoshine) find an old man, Akira Shoji (Teruyuki Kagawa), stabbed and lying in the street. The old man tells Yamato that his father is the criminal in the 300 million yen case. That night, Yamato’s father, Tetsuya (Toshiaki Karasawa) disappears and 3 days later his body is found drowned in Tokyo. Yamato and Miku find themselves caught in a whirlwind centered around the still unsolved stolen 300 million yen case from 1968.

Kodaike no Hitobito SP 01-02 (Completed) Subtitle Indonesia

October 23, 2016 2

This is the story of how Koudai Shigemasa, Jr. and his wife met. The story is set on 30 years before the film timeline. Fukamaru Yuuko (Komatsu Nana) is a fourth year student in the prestigious private university. She meets Koudai Shigemasa/Masao (Mamiya Shotaro) who transferred from Oxford. One day, Nao--Yuuko's best friend, and Masao are dating. However, Masao has affair and Yuuko helps her best friend to reunite them. One week later, the two break up and Masao decides to confess his feelings to Yuuko.

Kono Machi no Inochi ni SP 01 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

October 20, 2016 0

Hiroshi (Ryo Kase) is a government veterinarian at an animal protection center. He carries out his work following government laws. His work is to slaughter dogs and cats that are abandoned. Hiroshi is distressed about his work, but he reminds himself that somebody has to do the work. His colleague, Aki (Erika Toda), also suffers from a sense of guilt over her work. Ayako (Yuko Tanaka) is assigned as the new director of the animal protection center. Ayako tries to change the situation of the animal protection center. The killing of animals are reduced, but they face a decision.

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Meitantei Kyasarin ~Kieta Sozokunin SP 01 [Completed] Subtitle Indonesia

October 20, 2016 0

Catherine Turner is the daughter of the Vice President of the United States, and she had come with her father on his official visit to Japan. Since she runs a flower arrangement business back in the US, Catherine decides to stay on in Japan to learn Ikebana, after her father had returned home at the end of the official visit. Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hamaguchi Yukio, asks his nephew, Ichiro, to escort Catherine during her extended stay in Japan with the strict instructions that he is not to fall in love with her. Catherine actually started her flower arrangement business after a chance meeting with a Japanese woman, Ogawa Maiko, who had held an exhibition in the United States. She befriended Maiko, and is now hoping to reunite with her old friend in Japan. Unable to reach Maiko, Catherine is shocked to learn that Maiko is a victim of a homicide. Thus, with the help of Ichiro, Catherine begins to look into her friend's death. -TV Asahi

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