Akagi Episode 01-10 (Completed) Subtitle Indonesia

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Drama: Akagi
Romaji: Akagi
Japanese: アカギ
Director: Iwamoto Hitoshi
Writer: Tanabe Mitsuru, Fukumoto Nobuyuki (Manga)
Network: BS Sky Perfect
Episodes: 10
Release Date: Jul 17, 2015
Runtime: Friday 21:00
Duration: 45 min
Status: Completed
Penerjemah: Jazuly
TLC/Editor: Jazuly
Uploader: Jazuly


Akagi Shigeru is a young, white-haired mahjong genius. One summer in 1965, he ends up facing off against Washizu Iwao, Japan’s King of Darkness who has amassed enormous fortune and power, at the request of his acquaintance, the rogue detective Yasuoka. As the observer, Ogi Takeshi, a leader of the henchmen of Inada-gumi watches over them, mahjong with special rules called Washizu Mahjong begins. It is a life or death struggle with Akagi’s fresh blood and Washizu’s entire fortune at stake.


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01 720p x265: MirrorCreator
02 720p x265: MirrorCreator
03 720p x265: MirrorCreator
04 720p x265: MirrorCreator
05 720p x265: MirrorCreator
06 720p x265: MirrorCreator
07 720p x265: MirrorCreator
08 720p x265: MirrorCreator
09 720p x265: MirrorCreator
10 END 720p x265: MirrorCreator
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